The late 90's a time where every underground show that came through town was packed front to back. Hip hop fans existed and underground legends were making a name and a living touring and playing shows. Its not totally clear what ended those days. Over saturation, bad economy, musical taste changing. No one knows. But what people do know is that it trying to make a living in HIP HOP is close to im...possible. After it all ended many just disappeared quietly, however, there was/is a group of rappers that continue to fight the fight. MC PIGPEN has long been amongst the front of that group. All odds against success PIGPEN just went at it even harder. MC PIGPEN is one of the originators of the DIY style of the game. When booking got hard, pigpen worked harder, constantly touring and playing festivals all over the nation. As most rappers were taking jobs PIGPEN was packing the van for what seems like an un ending US tour. In the time span of 5 years PIGPEN went on over 10 Full us tours, over 15 regional tours, and played some of the biggest festivals and showcases in the country year after year.(sxsw, cmj, a3c, warped tour etc). While most rappers were throwing in the towel MC PIGPEN was hitting the road with some of his own legends, doing US tours with MASTA ACE , EDO G, UGLY DUCKLING, JOSH MARTINEZ, PHAROE MONCH, SEAN PRICE, PIGEON JOHN, MAIN FLOW, PAT MAINE, SWEATSHOP UNION, KOSHA DILLZ and many more. Despite the fact that success in HIP HOP is nearly impossible MC PIGPEN has made it seem like there is still a chance for those that work at it